About Me

Hey Ya’ll, as my Southern-born Mama would say 😉 I’m Gwen. New Jersey native and proud. Never have I ever called it “New Joisey.”  Yes, I say “caw-fee,” “dawg,” and “tawk.” Yes, my Mama hates it. Sometimes I still wonder how she ended up all the way over in NJ anyway, but when she came, she was here to stay. After forty years of living here though, occasionally I’ll catch her sounding like a Jersey girl, too 😉 I mention my mom first because she is my true inspiration in life! All throughout my childhood, I knew that I was the product of one too many cocktails at a Bat Mitzvah party. My mom always had such a sweet way of saying I was a Big Old Oopsie Daisy, though. She called me her “miracle,” told me about Divine Purpose, Providence, Trust in God, and said since I was a little girl, that I was sent here on a mission.

If you’ve ever met my mom and my dad, you would say all four of us are miracles. The thought of them ever together is mind-blowing and baffling, but somehow, it happened. Anyway, after being brainwashed into believing that I was “The Chosen One,” I spent years trying to figure out how I would handle this huge responsibility. I knew I never wanted to be around sick people, so becoming a doctor was off the list. I hated math and science, so that eliminated saving the world, the planet, or protecting the O-Zone layer. Bearing my mission in mind, my mom suggested that I become a teacher because of how much I loved kids! “But teachers don’t make a lot of money, Mom!” I whined. “Hey, I said you were supposed to carry out a mission, I never said you were supposed to be a millionaire,” she told me.

And that was that. I decided to get a Master’s in Instructional Design and Technology at a school where I could simultaneously earn a Teacher’s Certification. I’m in the process of completing my student teaching experience and am loving it. Each day I run into new students, experiences, and situations that astonish and challenge me. “This is it,” I said to myself on the first day, so I have decided to document my experiences as I carry out my mission in life.


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